Category: Quick Tips

  • What are higher order functions?


    When working on some filtering and sorting functionality, there is something wished I would have learned much earlier in my career. Before that point I didn’t really understand what higher order functions were or why it would be useful to return a function from another function. So I hope that this might help someone find […]

  • Being MC for the JavaScript for WordPress Online Conference


    After helping Zac out with a couple of things, like the Bootcamp he approached me and asked wether I wanted to be a MC for his JavaScript for WordPress Online Conference. Being super excited about the conference anyway I jumped on it right away and it was such a great experience. I got to host […]

  • Learning JavaScript with a Study Group – JavaScript for WordPress Conference 2019


    This post was compiled and written by my incredible partners in crime of the study group. Namely Karen and Rita were the once who wrote most of what is written down here. “By definition, study groups are a place to work on challenging concepts and learn from each other. Sometimes other students have questions you […]

  • Headless Hackathon Takeaways

    In early 2019 the Studygroup I’m in decided to take part in a hackathon hosted by Zac Gordon. The goal was to build a headless WordPress site. Our Headless Site: A meal planning site that allows you to create your meal plan for the next week from a list of stored recipes. WordPress Installation For […]

  • How to Use The @wordpress/scripts Build Tool with Custom WordPress Blocks


    This post was commissioned and first published on In our last article about how to build a basic block using registerBlockType with no webpack or JSX we covered how to setup a custom block without having to use a build system, jsx and modern javascript that needs to be converted in order to run in browsers […]